The #1 Thing You Must Do in 2019 for YOU!

A couple of years ago I decided at the very last minute to go to a tiny fishing village just south of Puerto Vallarta on the prompting of an 80 year old mentor.  I had been burning the candles at both ends. In my hands was a manuscript I had been working on for over six years, but it just wasn’t coming together. I was frustrated and exhausted, and ready to round-file the whole project. In desperation, I called my mentor. When she answered the phone, I burst into tears. With the patience of the rising sun, this wise sage listened – “Your creativity will never find its expression when it has no air to breathe. You, my dear, are starving for breath. You need a deep inhale. Come to Mexico, sit on the beach, and listen to your heart. In the quiet of the listening waves, the book will tell you what comes next”.

My whole body/mind knew she was right.

Gina was wise. She had come to this seaside every spring for years. She had long learned what so many of us fail to understand about the importance of building into the rhythm of our lives – stillness and silence – and its ability to clear space for the creative spark within. Rest and restoration emerge in silence and stillness. Even the word recreation, when broken down into its linguistic segments means re – create – tion. It is the act of creating again.  

Instead of learning how to build in a week away to turn off, unplug, rest, and create, so many of us feel tortured by a phone that is constantly demanding attention, a watch that is buzzing on our wrist, and email that now occupies 30% of our workday.

This year, as a healer, I am committing one week to put my toes in the sand, fill my ears with the inhalation of waves, turn off my phone, take off my watch, listen to my thoughts, and sleep when I am tired. I am going to write, read, and walk the 4 D Wheel in the morning to see what my heart, mind, emotions, and spirit might have to reveal about my compulsion to overdo it most days, and ignore myself. I am going to see what I can learn from the Wheel about caring more for my body/mind/heart/spirit in the year to come. I will then spend the week soaking this in – manifesting whatever creative ideas that might emerge in the space I generously open.

When was the last time you set aside a week to let your body/mind rest and restore?  When was the last time there was enough spaciousness around you that your creativity had a chance to emerge – your poetry, your noticing of the beauty around you, the sounds, smells, the unique thoughts and reflections within you, the dreams and hopes, the next emerging brilliant idea, book, podcast, screenplay, letter, photo, drawing? All innovation emerges in spaciousness, stillness, and a listening heart. Can you give yourself permission to push against the cultural tsunami that says you must stay and work 60 or more hours a week, and be available for all things and all people, all the time? Maybe this is the time – this is the spring – that you say, “Enough! 51 weeks may be for all the other things and all the other people, but this year I must and, I will carve out one week for my creativity and renewal.” If this is you, come to this magical fishing village where the perfect combination of simplicity, beauty, magic, delight, restoration, and creativity all find their nexus.

I invite you to join me in Boca de Tomatlin, Mexico.  

For more info on the 4-D Wheel Retreat: Rest, Renewal and Well-Being for All Healers March 23-30, 2019 go to and scroll down. Space is limited.

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