Sex, God, & the Conservative Church: Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy by Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

Discover how we ended up in a culture of sexual shame, how you can heal, and how you can have the intimacy and sex life you want.



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This is the place to purchase on-line and residency sex-therapy courses and trainings for AASECT sex therapy certification and CEU credit, couples intimacy retreats and other products made by or for the institute.   Visit our store here.

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cropped-waterfalllotusheader.senseiTransgender Resources

If you or someone in your life needs accurate and compassionate, grace-filled resources for a person who identifies as transgender this is the website to explore.  Mac’s blog, podcast and resource page will give you a wealth of information.    Learn more here. 

images LGBTQ Resources

If you or someone in your life needs accurate and helpful resources for someone who identifies as gay, lesbian, bi or queer, this is a great website to explore.  This is a Seattle based organization, but it can definitely get you pointed in the right direction.    Learn more here.

To hear hundreds of encouraging video stories of how LGBTQ people survived a youth of discrimination check out the IT GETS BETTER PROJECT  by Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller. It’s an amazing site!!

Brand image  Sexual Shame & Religious Sexual Shame

If you or someone in your life needs accurate, instructive and open resources for dealing with sexual shame or religious sexual shame, this is a great website to explore.  This site was modeled after the IT GETS BETTER PROJECT and has videos posted from people who were negatively affected by conservative religion but who later went on to find ways to heal their shame and for many, heal their faith as well.  The site also has podcasts from community events on sexual shame, raising ‘shame free’ sexually healthy kids, adult sex ed, fertility loss and struggles, the purity movement, and other topics.  There is also a blog and a large resource page for kids, youth, parents and adults.   Click here.

LGBTQ+ & Addiction

“Substance use disorders have a greater effect on LGBTQ+ people than on the heterosexual population. The LGBTQ+ community must overcome several obstacles, including being denied substance abuse treatment because of their sexual identity. However, through the proper understanding and accommodation of LGBTQ+ care principles, substance abuse treatment can be successful.” Click here


Lovers Store Blog

Partnering with relationship and sex therapist Mia Fine to help you with your most intimate queries and concerns. Hear her thoughts on tackling sex and stress. Read more here

LGBTQ+ Scholarships 

Looking for LGBTQ scholarships that will make college more financially feasible? There are a number of scholarships specifically geared toward LGBTQ students, Lendedu rounded up some great options to pursue.
View the list here