Sex therapy training for everyone!

At NWIOI, we believe all great practitioners deserve to feel confident in treating all forms of sex and intimacy issues.

No matter the tradition you hail from, as a psychotherapist or physician you undoubtedly have done plenty of schooling. However, most sexual development, intimacy, sexual health and treating sexual dysfunction education was omitted from that schooling.
Still, individuals and couples walk into our offices every day with complex issues involving their sexual and intimate lives… and they look to us for help!
Conversely, most people trained solely in clinical sexology are required to have little training in individual or couples therapy. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the range of human sexual expression and how to treat sexual issues, but not how to treat the complex context with which that expression is lived.

We are bio-psycho-social-spiritual-sexual beings and we need clinicians who are likewise trained.

As a practitioner, you should also feel competent guiding parents through sex education in a digital world. And you deserve the right to feel confident treating people seeking the spiritual side of sexuality and intimacy – whether from eastern or western thought and practice.
Our sex therapy and spiritual intimacy courses are succinct, thorough, and are taught by nationally renowned experts in the field.

NWIOI offers courses that fulfill AASECT basic educational requirements for certification as a sex therapist, sex counselor, or sex educator, plus other engaging CEU seminars and workshops throughout the year. We also offer AASECT certified clinical supervision that meets state licensing and AAMFT Approved supervision standards. It’s all right here.

The Most Efficient Cost-Effective AASECT Training Program in the Country

Did you know you DO NOT have to do a 150 hour sex therapy training program to become AASECT certified? You can apply hours from your graduate training toward the 17 topic areas! We at NWIOI help you go through your transcript and apply hours. We then have courses that are sex specific and typically NOT covered in grad school. This means you can take our two 5-day intensive courses and get 90-95% through your AASECT educational requirements.  Over the next 18 months, while you are completing your supervision, we will help you get that last 5-10% completed. No need to waste a year and another $2,000 – $5,000 the other programs will cost you. The Institute provides this advanced training in a succinct and streamlined way for local and distant therapists. It then allows you to take your holistically trained status and reach people seeking highly qualified therapists.

A lifetime of free, cutting-edge information

All Certified Integrated Intimacy Practitioners™ (CIIP) may repeat a course they have already taken … FOR FREE… FOREVER. We want you to be able to stay up on cutting-edge information easily and without cost.
This is our commitment to continue to train and support the leading practitioners in Integrated Intimacy and Comprehensive Psychotherapy.


In-Person Training

Advanced Clinical Sexology Course

This course meets many of the educational requirements to become an AASECT certified sex therapist for CoAMFTE Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and other psychotherapists. Final course requirements will be completed after the five-day intensive.
Below are what will be covered in this course.

  • Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles
  • Health and medical factors in sex therapy
  • Ranges of sexual functioning
  • Cyber-sexuality and social media
  • Substance abuse and sexuality
  • Professional communication and reflection
  • History of sex research and theory
  • Principles of sexuality methods and research
  • Sex-related therapy techniques and diagnosis
  • Theory and methods of medical intervention in the evaluation of psychosexual disorders
  • Ethical decision making and clinical case review

November 9-13, 2020
Virtual Course due to COVID-19, participants are invited to retake this course in person, at no additional cost up until the year 2023.
46 CEU’s Included!

Regular Price: $2390
Payment plans available at checkout

Seattle S.A.R. (Sexual Attitude Reassessment)

This course is being held virtually due to the effects of COVID-19; however, we are inviting anyone who takes this course in 2020 to return anytime through 2025, for free, when we are able to hold this course LIVE.

The Seattle SAR and Pride Parade is one of the most extraordinary Sexual Attitude Reassessment courses running today, in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. 
This highly provocative, experiential, cognitive and affective experience is designed to push one’s comfort levels, elicit feelings, confront attitudes, beliefs, and values about sexuality.
Presentations include popular media analysis, engaging group exercises, and guest speakers from the diverse, sex-positive, Pacific Northwest community and around our country, all showing the potential range of human sexual expression today.
Sexual Attitude Reassessment is a required course for AASECT certification. It enables the participant to move emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and psychologically into a zone of greater knowing and acceptance of human sexuality in all of its possible dimensions.

A five-day intensive course designed to maximize your training time.
Topics covered include:

Check back later for 2021 Dates
Seattle, WA
21 CEU’s Included!

Online Courses Available

Core Competencies in Medical Collaboration

This 3-hour online course will emphasize a medical perspective using the biopsychosocial-spiritual-sexual model of health and illness.

You will learn techniques to assess and intervene with psychosexual problems experienced by individuals and couples around general health issues and sexual health issues specifically. You’ll become familiar with the operating constructs of medical culture and critical elements involved in a successful collaborative relationship with a medical provider.
This 3-hour online course will emphasize a medical perspective using the biopsychosocial-spiritual-sexual model of health and illness.
Topics covered include:

  • The #1 reason providers hate to refer to psychotherapists
  • The #1 task you can do to guarantee you will get return referrals from medical providers
  • Why doctors are often directive about their patients and how to understand their perspective and pressures
  • When to call a medical provider about a client and why
  • How and when to talk to a medical provider
  • How and when to craft a note to a medical provider
  • How to market to medical groups to increase the chance of receiving referrals

Recommended reading prior to the course: 
Medical Family Therapy and Integrated Care – 2nd Edition by Susan McDaniel, et al.
This course is required for NWIOI CIIP candidates, except those with the basic 3-hour training in medical family therapy.

Available anytime
3 CEU’s available

Female Sexual Health and Dysfunction

Join Keesha Ewers, ARNP, Ph.D., Sex Therapist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, in this 3-hour course covering an extensive survey of women’s health issues.

Topics covered include:

  • Female genital and reproductive anatomy, etiology, and assessment
  • Referral and collaboration
  • Treatment options and ethical considerations
  • Orgasm and desire disorders
  • Body image, inhibitions, religious sexual shame, and trauma
  • Aging
  • Desire discrepancy
  • Arousal disorders
  • Pain and penetration disorders
  • Difficulty with orgasm
  • Recent medication trials

Recommended reading prior to the course: Come As You Are by Emily Negoski and Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy by Binik & Hall

Available anytime
3 CEU’s available

Gina Ogden’s 4-D Wheel Training

Founded on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Gina Ogden is the Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy – a four-dimensional interactive template designed to help uncover a full picture of the complex layers of a client’s sexual stories impacting the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of experience.

4-D Wheel training is available for download. This training meets the CIIP requirement for a spiritual intimacy course.

Recommended reading prior to the course: Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy and Exploring the Desire and Intimacy: A Workbook for Creative Clinicians – both by Gina Ogden.

Available Anytime

4-D Wheel Work with Couples

Learn to apply the 4-D Wheel with couples! Must have completed basic 4-D Wheel training.

Join Gina Ogden as she explains the origin of the 4-D Wheel model and how it operates. You will see a demonstration of her 4-Dimensional Wheel work with two couples who she meets for the first time.

This is dynamic and engaging training. Recommended reading prior to the course: Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy and Exploring the Desire and Intimacy: A Workbook for Creative Clinicians – both by Gina Ogden.
Topics covered include:

  • How to do sex therapy with couples
  • Listening to couples more effectively
  • Recognizing the four dimension of sexual experience as experienced in a couple

This can be transformational work for couples,
“The 4-D wheel process was completely new for both of us. And yet it had such an amazing impact. The process of self-work, along with thinking through the 4 aspects of the wheel, & having questions and comments from our therapist was an eye-opener. The sharing time around the 4-D wheel was more revealing than I expected. No matter how many times our topics have come up in marriage, the vulnerability around the wheel was amazing and deep and inspiring. We were both so surprised.”

Fulfills spiritual intimacy requirement for associate level

Available Anytime

Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Learn how to guide individuals in constructing a sexual health model that nourishes and sustains sexuality. Douglas Braun Harvey uses an engaging teaching style to lead you through a model that invites awareness and accountability.

Join Doug in this 6-hour training for treating those suffering from sexually compulsive behavior.

Topics covered include:

  • OCSB model, its underpinnings
  • How to do screenings and assessments
  • The treatment elements
  • How to help clients construct a sexual health plan

Recommended reading prior to the course: Out of Control Sexual Behavior by Douglas Braun Harvey and Michael Vigorito

Available Anytime
6 CEU’s Available

Hebrew Mystic Sexuality

Learn to apply the lessons from Sex, God, & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy with individual guidance with NWIOI’s medical director, Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers.

In this course, you will discuss how to apply the sex-positive views of the Hebrew Mystics, Dr. Tina’s model to heal sexual shame, as well as several touch and non-touch practices used to treat individuals and couples suffering from the impacts of a sex-negative culture. Work with the evidence-based four-step Model for Erasing Sexual Shame (M.E.S.S.) – Frame, Name, Claim and Aim.

Sex, God, & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy is the first book written to help people affected by abstinence education and/or the purity movement who have experienced sexual shame or religious sexual shame which develop from the sex-negative sexual ethic of conservative Christianity.
Based on ten years of research, it explains what happened in the formation of the Christian church and how the American consumer-based culture has compounded the problem. It reveals sex-positive ancient Hebrew ideas buried in Christian socio-political history and the sex-positive gospel ethic that was never developed.

Several beautiful ancient Hebrew mystic stories are revealed that show the western believer how erotic love is a manifestation of God’s longing for all of creation. People are worthy because God calls them Beloved.

Required reading for the course: Sex, God, & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy by Tina Schermer Sellers.

Available by appointment as well. Email

AASECT Supervision

50 hours of supervision required for certification
50% individual / 50% in group

AASECT Group Supervision

Group is 2 – 4 members. Sign up for as many as your schedule allows – minimum 1 hour a month.

You must be approved to begin supervision with an AASECT certified supervisor. Contact to complete paperwork.

Available by Appointment
Online with Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

AASECT Individual Supervision

Individual supervision is 1 on 1. Sign up for as many as your schedule allows.

You must be approved to begin supervision with an AASECT certified supervisor. Contact to complete paperwork.

Available By Appointment
Online with Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

Passion for Life Couples Retreat Trainer Course

NWIOI’s four-day retreats are known to revolutionize and revitalize even the most tired of relationships.

Each facilitator is a Certified Integrated Intimacy Professional (CIIP), an elite holistically trained practitioner, equipped to deal with the most complex issues facing today’s individuals and couples.

As soon as a CIIP has attended the retreat themselves, they can sign up here to do the Program Development training Module.

Available By Appointment

Make sure to check back often as we are always adding online courses!